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Cedric Cirotteau

THE HEIST Crime - Comedy TV SeriesDave once put his criminal history to bed. Now...

Sitcom 9 Fans

Namaste with Clementine Day

Jess Collett

Namaste with Clementine Day is a parody of YouTube vloggers.Clementine is a self...

Collaboration Needed

Mockumentary 13 Fans

Over It

Jess Collett

A brilliant new comedy charting the fallout that happens after a break up, in al...

Collaboration Needed

Sitcom 19 Fans

Goal £3,000

Caroline Acts

Jess Collett

'Caroline Acts' is a parody of YouTube vlogs. Caroline has moved down to London...

Collaboration Needed

Mockumentary 15 Fans

Goal £1,000

Ongalod Sketch Show

Richard Woolford

A collection of sketches, mockumentories, spoof ads, songs and oneliners.

Collaboration Needed

Sketchy 3 Fans

Goal £750

The Band Formerly Known As

Lydia Parker

The Band Formerly Known As are the hottest new girl group on the scene and they...

Collaboration Needed

Musicals 12 Fans

Goal £5,000

Monkey Brains Comedy

Tristan McAlister

Monkey Brains Comedy is a sketch based show. Formulas include stream of concious...

Collaboration Needed

Sketchy 9 Fans

Goal £2,000

Julie Barndoor's online Rugby League Seminals

Philippa Robson

Julie Barndoor was born out of coaching rugby league for 10 years. She is an ama...

Collaboration Needed

Mockumentary 6 Fans




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