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The Victor Daniel Project


The Victor Daniel Project is a comedy sketch show written by Lenny Henry's cousi...

Collaboration Needed

Sketchy 18 Fans

Goal £300



Chuggers is a multi award winning web series about Charity Muggers! The series f...

Collaboration Needed

Sitcom 13 Fans

Goal £8,000

The Shimmer Twins

The Shimmer Twins

A top banana, emerging alt-folk/folk-alt brother/sister duo.The Shimmer Twins is...

Collaboration Needed

Mind Warp 17 Fans

Un_Conditional - We're Gonna Shout


A self-filmed Documentry following Christian outreach pop/synth band Un_Conditio...

Collaboration Needed

Mockumentary 14 Fans

Hot Desk

Ben Rufus Green

Andrew Neck sits next to a hot desk. He has been there for some time. Every pers...

Sketchy 93 Fans

Aussie Girls - 'Tim Tam'

Shirley & Shirley

The series follows Kelli and Tammi, two Australian girls living in the U.K. as t...

Collaboration Needed

Sketchy 27 Fans

Pierre & Jean-Paul

Steve Hodgetts

Pierre & Jean-Paul were born in the wrong country, according to them. Growin...

Mockumentary 19 Fans

Zipwaz Humphries

Victor Hampson

Take a conventional sitcom, fold it into the shape of an origami swan and flick...

Mind Warp 15 Fans

Goal £500




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Comedy on demand. Made by the Crowd.