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What's it all about

War of the Warbles is the pilot episode of Field Agents. Field Agents is a procedural comedy about the Irish Department of Agriculture's elite Special Investigation Squad. A crack, agri-crime-fighting team with excessive powers to enforce EU guidelines, animal control and best practice.

The tone is two-fisted, live-action cartoon; there’s no room to hyphenate on the word “drama” here.

Thanks to confused government spending, the team have too much access to cars, weapons and the latest farmer-bothering tech (satellite imagery, quantum soil testing kits, predator drones) which they use in their eternal vigil against the evils of… escaped livestock, eco-warrior communes, illegal poteen stills, genetically modified strawberries and the forces of unruly rural darkness in general.

Our team has years of experience in Irish television and radio comedy. Diarmuid O’Brien has written and directed comedy sketches for RTE television and wrote four episodes of Space Chickens in Space for Disney XD. He recently directed the video content for the Waterford Whispers News Live tour. with Conor O’Toole he wrote The Captain, a BAI-funded radio comedy starring Conor and Alison Spittle. Danger Farm's youtube channel is

Its high concept comedy shorts have been praised on the Onion's AV Club, io9, and The Irish Times. Five Danger Farm sketches have been selved by the editorial team of Funny or Die to be featured on their front page.


Our plan is to make 4 more 5-minute episodes of Field Agents. As we all live and work in freelance media jobs in the unnecessarily expensive Dublin city, taking a week off to film a week series down on Diarmuid’s family farm would be a big ask for everyone involved. (We shot the pilot in a day and a half.)

So we are hoping to raise money to cover travel, catering, prop and gear rental. As well as pay the actors and crew a token daily fee for their time.


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Writers: Diarmuid O'Brien, Donnacha O'Brien, Conor O'Toole, Rachel Ní Chuinn

Main Cast: Donnacha O'Brien, Martin Angolo, Charlene Craig and Séamus Hanly,

Music by Neil Anderson of Eat Your Book

Directed by Diarmuid O'Brien.

Director of Photography: Conor O'Toole.

Sound: Rachel Ní Chuinn.
Tue 27 November 03:18pm
We already have a great team in place but would be open to guest actors and some help with computer effects if the jokes require them.