Foxing Gloves

What's it all about

Foxing Gloves is a half-hour sitcom idea written by Michael Byrne. Rex Logan is a detective of some repute. When he is walked on by a drunken and idiotic Mick Nash little does he think that he has discovered his perfect detective partner.

Logan is on a tireless journey to uncover the truth behind his fathers disappearance when he was just a teenager. Over the course of his cases new evidence emerges which brings him a little closer to the truth. Aided by his impetuous partner Mick Nash and dutiful assistant Molly little by little and over the course of many bizarre and surreal cases the pieces start to fall into place.

I have already written a number of episodes and have figured out the course of the show. Each episode involves a new case but they are often inter-linked and give clues to his fathers disappearance. I have already scouted many locations and have a number of friends who are willing to act, direct and help with the show. I am used to working to very low budgets and feel I can do a lot with very little.


The funds received would go towards catering, travel costs, new lighting and sound equipment and props. My sitcom is set in the early part of the 20th Century and I seem to be drawn to writing mad pulp-style adventures so there are a number of props required to give it that genuine pulp-looking world.

I believe I have come up with a fairly unique pulpy, surreal comedy and I just need that little bit of a cash injection to bring it to life.


Mind Warp


1 Video

Mon 04 February 11:50pm
Part Three: A meeting with Lord Barnaville leads to a viewing of the wonderous music room, which in turn leads to a conversation with an eccentric farm hand and another lead emerges. 

Sat 15 December 07:05pm
This is part two of the pilot episode in which a meeting is held in Logan's office, a new case presents itself and a trip to chief peacock whisperer, Lord Arthur Barnaville's country mansion is planned.
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Funding Progress

Goal £1,000
There are no donations
Michael John Byrne: Writer/Rex Logan.
Diiarmuid O'Brien: Director/Editor.
Donnacha O'Brien: Mick Nash.
Liam Byrne: Jack Turner.
Eamonn Byrne: Lord Barnaville.
Eoin Duggan: Dunbar Wilcox.
Mon 03 December 12:00am
I am based in Ireland and I understand that it can be difficult to collaborate with people working in different countries but I would be open to all sorts of collaboration.