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Chuggers is a multi award winning web series about Charity Muggers! The series follows Darryl and Ian as they embark on the tricky task of convincing people to sign up to some of the most obscure charities around. Unfortunately as Darryl and Ian discover, a Chugger is a friend to no one!

The first series won numerous awards at the LA Web Fest and several more worldwide including screenings at the Raindance Film Festival in London and on independent TV networks in America, distributed by Syncbak. We want to create a second series in 2019 to be released in the Summer, we have various well know people interested in being involved and the synopsis is well on the way.

In season 1 each episode is a stand alone episode. For season 2 we are looking to expand the narrative and have character arcs for the series so there is a lot more of a journey.


We are very lucky to have a lot of kit and great writers and cast members already on board meaning the budget for season 2 would be very low for 6 to 8 episodes we could comfortably produce it for £8000 with a lot of time and effort contributed freely from many memebrs of the cast and crew. The funding would go on locations, permits, food for cast and crew on the shoot days, costume, props and additional post production costs.




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Goal £8,000
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Marcus J. Richardson - Award Winning video content director and filmmaker.
Matt Ralph - Award Winning stand up comedien as part of the Late Night Gimp Fight & Impractical Jokers UK
Lee Griffiths - Award Winning stand up comedien as part of the Late Night Gimp Fight & Impractical Jokers UK
Wed 05 December 04:52pm
We are looking for an experienced comedy producer to help take the project forward ideally to TV or online streaming services.