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We have been producing online comedy sketches for four years now, and in this time have produced more than 50 sketches. After being shared by big publishers online, our sketches have been viewed over 200 million times and we have also been commissioned by BBC Three to produce sketches for their online platforms.

Our sketch show would feature brand new sketches, fake "behind-the-scenes" vlogs, as well as one longer-form short each episode.




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Wed 06 February 12:03pm
This is the first short film we've produced, as we wanted to get experience writing something a bit longer. We definitely learned a lot from this! In our show we'd be looking to incorporate longer-form pieces like this alongside shorter sketches.

Tue 01 January 05:01pm
As it's January now, thought we'd share our sketch about doing Dry January - hope you enjoy it!
Jayson Scott Adams

Jayson Scott Adams

hahahaha! Awsum

Third Leg Studios

Third Leg Studios

Cheers, glad you liked it!

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Third Leg Studios is Tel Mears, Joel Stern, Mark Whelan, and our director is Maxim Levy.
Tue 18 December 04:05pm
As we have been producing comedy for a good few years now, we have a solid team behind us and access to all the equipment we need. We do occasionally require additional actors and crew members depending on the scope of the sketch/short.
Ben Kirby

Ben Kirby

Really like your video, guys. Please consider using me for future sketches as an actor: Thank you.

Pete Wells

Pete Wells

Love your work team. Always happy to help out if you ever need with kit or simply propping up a light.



I love your work and the team you have! I'm an american actor and comedy writer, I would really love to get involved with Third Leg Studios in any shape or form. Here's my spotlight :) hope to hear from you soon! x