Breakfast Time

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Did Hitler really invent smashed avocado? What did george Michael say to Freddie Mercury to make him create and consume a 50 egg omlette on the morning of Live Aid? And why in the name of God did John Aldridge take to farting on his teammates' moustaches before each Liverpool match in the 1980's?

Culinary historian Nick Clancy is the host of Breakfast Time, a series that uncovers and examines the tumultuous breakfasts that shaped history.




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Sat 05 January 09:24pm
A tantalizing first listen to the theme song for Breakfast Time.

Host and culinary historian Nick Clancy wears a self-created, state-of-the art HUD VR headset, helping viewers immerse themselves in the past and placing himself squarely into the heart of the action.

Here he is digitally visualizing playing to an adoring audience of thousands, while dispatching a new year jobbie for good measure.

2019 web series coming soon.
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Nicholas Clancy (composer and performer)
Matthew Blackwell (director, writer and actor)

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