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What's it all about


We're the Core Of Monkos, a dark comedy filmmaking group from London. We've been making short films and sketches for more than a decade or so mainly for fun but now we'd like to do it full time. We've been featured on Funny Or Die and screen regularly around the UK at festivals. We're excited to be a part of this platform and we have big hopes for it finding the next big thing in UK comedy.

The Idea

We make something between short films and sketches. The Core Of Monkos show would release a new film with new characters and settings every month.

The Process

We've become very efficient at what we do; turning an idea into a finished product between other jobs in record times, with small crews and small budgets. All this while still keeping our films looking relatively high production value through creative use of music, filming and editing.

The Content

We've uploaded our promo here showing some of our favourite bits. You can check out our films on our youtube channel

The Begging

If you visit please like and subscribe. If you'd like to see more of that kind of thing then please donate to the cause. For every £2200 we make we can dedicate a month to producing another short film. We write, produce, direct, perform and edit all our films ourselves, hiring only a small cast and crew consisting of DOP and sound recordist all included in that low price. Any leftover money goes towards props, makeup and location but we try to get these things for free if we can.

Anyway, if you're interested in following us you can find us here, instagram, twitter, facebook or youtube. Some of our social media isn't very active at the moment but we plan on keeping those updated regularly for 2019.

Thanks for reading and good luck with all your projects too!


Core Of Monkos




1 Video

Tue 05 February 05:45pm
The King's Oak
A group of dysfunctional filmmakers discover a portal in the woods.

Joining the Core Of Monkos for this fantasy short is Sam Rhodes, talented musician/stand-up extrodinaire and up and coming star Moa Stefansdotter - soon to play the lead in new BBC drama Female Warriors, conincidentally playing a warrior princess in this.

This film was another of our films to make finalist at the Brighton Rocks Film Festival and selected for the Monkey Bread Tree Film Awards.


The Core

Sun 20 January 01:50pm
Core Of Monkos Presents... (ft. Mel Gibson & Susanna Decker)
The Core don't just make great, dark comedy films. They love to meet other comedy stars and celebrities in a youtube friendly, interview chat show format.  This episode featuring Susanna Decker (Danger 5/Italian Spiderman) & Mel Gibson (Lethal Weapon/Hamlet)  

For the first of this series of chats with comedy performers they meet talented co-star of the Netflix comedy series Danger 5 ( and cult internet viral sensation Italian Spiderman (  Things unfortuntely take a dark turn and Susanna barely escapes with her life.

Wed 02 January 05:44pm
I Tramp, Therefore I Am
A homeless man and a high flyer, each with a grudge, become entwined but how will it end?

Our first film to feature on Funny Or Die, a finalist at Brighton Rocks Film Festival and an official selection at Cardiff Mini Film Festival and Reading Fringe Film Festival. This is the first installment of a 2 part series. Catch the sequel 'You Tramp, Therefore You Am' on our YouTube channel
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Funding Progress

Goal £2,200
There are no donations
Jon Price (co-writer)

Raised in the slums of Epsom, Jon worked for what will be called "Skynet" for 13 years before leaving to join the resistance (aka the creatives). He had secretly been training without Skynet's knowledge using a camcorder since he was 16. The creatives deployed him to record sound on location but have recently switched him to acting. The Core make use of his organisational skills in production.

Belal Ladkani (co-writer)

Surviving the violent back streets of Ham, Belal extracted vital information from the "education" system and proceeded to infiltrate key businesses. As a professional editor he really knows how to cut. His timing and precision leaves victims stunned. He can slap out shot lists with his eyes closed.

Mark Lane (co-writer)

Escaping from the ghetto of Epsom, Mark journied to the inner depths of the film industry. London had no idea what was happening until it was too late. Mark returned with the payload and continues to spurt it all over the Core. We can't stop ideas from forming in his head.
Fri 21 December 05:02pm
If you're a DOP, sound recordist, SFX whizz or a performer that would like to get involved then please get in touch.
Ben Rufus Green

Ben Rufus Green

This looks great. Nice work CoM. Bear me in mind for any suitable roles please (I'm an actor).

Hassan Dervish

Hassan Dervish

Hi I'm Hassan from "Maxine and Dervish" if you need any songs or owt give me a shout. Your work looks great.

Jo Burke

Jo Burke

I am an actor/comedian and would love to work with you. Check out my website which also has a link to my Spotlight info. Wishing you huge success on here and other comedy dark places.