The Band Formerly Known As

What's it all about

The Band Formerly Known As are the hottest new girl group on the scene and they will stop at nothing to find more social media fame. Each week they change their name and genre, sometimes to get more hits on Instagram. Sometimes because the name was taken. Like Fat Barry on Holiday. Who knew there was a metal band in Norway with the same name? Think Flight of the Conchords, but female. And three of them.

We have filmed three episodes and released two. We have more in the pipeline for 2019. The idea is to make it look like the girls are filming themselves as they have zero budget or filming skills.


As time goes on we'd like to make something a bit more skilled, pre-record some songs and do some location shooting, all which require money to rent a studio and impose more on our DOP and editor. Everyone is working for free right now and it would be good to see everyone paid. We'd also like to market this webseries properly




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Goal £5,000
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Created and written by Lydia Parker and Sabrina Parker
Starring: Meaghan Martin, Laura Evelyn and Sabrina Parker
Directed by Lydia Parker
Original music by Sabrina Parker
DOP: Leo Bacica
Sat 22 December 01:24pm
We are happy to hear from other musicians who are also actors/comedians.