Trout Memo

What's it all about

I will be developing ideas from my unpublished collage book "Trout Memo."
The title comes from the James Bond novelist, Ian Fleming, during the war he kept his secret plans - no matter how far fetched they were - between the leaves of a book on Fly Fishing, which he nicknamed it "trout memo."

These are my secret plans for world domination - I have an atlas - poetry, sketches, photography, collages, dream diaries, fevered social media posts.

a stuffapedia of the absurd. I would use this show as a vehicle to try and push the comedy sketch as far as it can go. The show will consist of fake news, mockumentary, animation (The Nine Henry's), sight gags, poetry, situationist performance, check out my Real Life Sopa Opera where I hired 5 actors to act like a dysfunctional family and I secretly recorded them causing havoc around Newcastle City centre...or two guys next door who think they're God and Jesus.

The funds will pay for an animator and actors.
I'm currently a one-man-band, open to any collaborations, volunteers etc.

My development plan would be collating all the material from now till 20th January then shooting the
weekend 25th, 26th and 27th.

Funds for post production (stuff I can't do), animation and 3 days shoot, pizzas, Carling or Brew Dog if I go over the £800, - have you seen the price of Punk?
Travel and a cheap HD camera as I only have a mini dv at the moment which I'm making bad pop videos with, I tell them it's soft focus, coz the lens is knacked.

I'm savvy with Adobe CC, Premier, Photoshop and After FX so I can do all that.
I really think it's all in the editing so I have a lot of experience with this and tell you the truth can't wait to get started. Like I said most of the material is in the book, but after signing up for Punkanary, the inner comedy radar has been turned on and I'm receiving new material from the planet Zonk, no idea who these guys are but coincidentally they stop when I start taking my tablets.



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Goal £800
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mcdada: writer, SFX, camera, sound, music.

Neil Armstrong (BAFTA nominated)
Brian Walsh (not BFTA nominated)
Me, (will never be BAFTA nominated)
Sat 29 December 08:47pm
Animators, film crew all welcome. We could even do it over the web, no need to be local.

Think Blue Jam meets Ivor Cutler edited by 1,000 monkeys.

I just want to try something different using collage, SFX and chance.

Push some boundaries.

I asked Reece (first name terms) what was his first sketch show he was inspired by, the Number 9 star didn't reply but I sent him a link to Play For Today on Youtube, it was an episode called The Comedians, a nightclass in Manchester where people sign up to learn the art of the stand up. An outcast called Gretchin (Jonathan Pryce) performs his final piece and it's like he was on stage in Zurch 1916 along with Hugo Ball and Tzara.. its angry, funny, chaotic and threatening, maybe I'm old fashioned but I think `Comedy should kick you up your arse.

Check out Nine Henrys on Amazon... you can peek inside the book without buying it.

I welcome all sorts of people, fellow writers, performers - needn't be local we can skype a sketch - filmmakers and fellow editors. If the concept excites you please get in touch.