The Biscuit Barrel

What's it all about

Biscuit Barrel is a hyperactive quickfire sketch group.

With this series (Biscuit Barrel Digital), you will experience a variety of sketches, with online exclusives and re-works of classic skits from our shows.

After successful live performances at Edinburgh Fringe (2018) and across the UK, it's now time to take on the internet.

Sketches uploaded weekly!




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Fri 15 February 12:21pm
Biscuit Barrel Presents: BAGUETTE

Episode 6 is now available! 

Catch us throughout production over on:
Snapchat: barrel_biscuit

Thu 14 February 12:00pm
New sketch out tomorrow! Best caption gets featured :) 
Pete Crunchy

Pete Crunchy

Regretting that sprout & bean curry now...aaaand ease and squeeze

mark mason

mark mason

Ah I really should have had the body better.



"Little does he know, I left the toilet seat up."

Thu 07 February 02:14pm
Next episode is out tomorrow! But before that, give us your best caption! 
Pete Crunchy

Pete Crunchy

''He didn't use to miss those"



"Did you really think you could defeat me with a mere broom? Ha! pitiful. "

Fri 01 February 03:00pm
Biscuit Barrel Presents: EGG AND SPOON
Episode 4 is available now!

Catch us throughout production over on:
Snapchat: barrel_biscuit

Thu 31 January 04:46pm
It's time for another Caption Competition! Winner gets featured in tomorrow's Episode! Do your worst.


It's only a picture, not the oscars.

Fri 25 January 03:00pm
Biscuit Barrel Presents: ROAST DINNER

Episode 3 is available now. Thank you to all those who particpated in this week's caption competition, see you next week!

Catch us throughout production over on:
Snapchat: barrel_biscuit

Thu 24 January 12:05pm

Best caption will be featured at the end of our new sketch, coming out tomorrow!

Good luck!
Pete Crunchy

Pete Crunchy

Panic in the audience as Mystery the magician prepares to unveil his new trick

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The Biscuit Barrel (Writers and performers)
Alexander Denley Spencer, Daryl Reader, Capriella Hooper, James Horscroft, Tom House, Zoë Quilter

Biscuit Barrel Theme - composed, recorded and mixed by StormCloud Arts & Theatre

In association with
Candy Apple Grove Productions - Additional Production team

StormCloud Arts & Theatre - Additional backing tracks
Sun 30 December 08:09pm
Very open to collaboration on all aspects of Biscuit Barrel and always interested in new projects.