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Thundermaus is a children's sci-fi space comedy for adults, featuring teddy bears. We follow the adventures of the salvage ship ISS Thundermaus, as its crew of bears, blunder through the universe, trying to find their way back home. Among the crew is the sea salty Captain Ted, his worrisome assistant Deloris,
the eccentric scientist Professor Pepperdine, the ships annoying chatterbox computer: Margery and a rather rude cleaning robot called Brian. Each episode hosts a range of strange scenarios and alien creatures, pitted against our teddy bear heroes.

Currently we have several no-budget examples on You tube, originally made for the DV Mission 48hr film festival. For the latest 2019 episode however, we decided to break away from the 48hr festival format and do a episode with higher production values, to see how this might work as a self contained Tv series, in order to attract potential backers, such as Channel 4.

At current – our 2019 episode is perhaps the most professional episode we have achieved, with no money. Its purpose is more of a “Tv Pilot” style: to give potential backers, an idea of how the series could be developed with a larger budget.

The main objetive would be to make a season of 35 minute episodes, with high end production values, along the lines of Gerry Anderson. With that in mind, all the props are made and ready to go. But because of the shows demands, we need a workshop to film in but this doesn’t come cheap.

To take the series to a wider audience – means funding, to pay for a workshop, editors and model makers. For example, £50,000 would give us a workshop for two years, plus we would be able to pay for part time staff.

Alternatively, we welcome any Television companies who would like to take our series on, as either a segment in another comedy show or as a series in itself.

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JS Adams

Series creator.


Mind Warp


1 Video

Sat 02 February 04:14pm
The Interplanetary Salvage Ship Thundermaus, touches down on another alien planet, rife with annoyingly talky plants and animals...

Sat 02 February 04:05pm
Ships science officer, Deloris (left) and Captain Ted (right) explore a planetoid made entirely of cake. Unawares that one of the planets inhabitants is sneaking aboard their space ship: The Thundermaus...

Sat 02 February 02:14pm
Ships cleaner bot - Brian - doing a spot of cleaning...
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Funding Progress

Goal £50,000
There are no donations
Jayson Scott Adams – (series creator) I cover pretty much every aspect of this series. From script writing, prop building, filming and musical score. I also do most of the editing. But we could sure do with more help.

Miles Fletcher – prop hand
Kristaps Zalitis – prop hand

Miles and Kristaps help out on prop construction and puppeteering.

Alice Hume – Costume design. Alice has worked on several episodes, working on the costumes for the puppets.

Heidi Wilding – Heidi is a talented actress, that we call upon occasionally for her voice acting skills. As the voice of several Thundermaus characters, (in particular the worrisome Deloris) she adds great humour to the series.
Tue 08 January 02:48pm
Up until now, we have been working with various volunteers. But we welcome writers, video editors and voice over artists. We need traditional model makers skilled in building sci-fi props and space ships/landscapes. Ever scratch built models? Sourced everyday objects and made them into something out of this world? Ever used fibre glass, plasticard and other traditional model making techniques? We need you! Anyone with an interest in basic to advanced puppetry would be awsum.

We also need people with skills in special effects, particularly with miniature explosives and other pyrotechnics.

We're hoping to have hi-end special effects in the show. Think (Gerry Andersons Space 1999), so we need to be able to light and film models in such a way as to make them look convincing on screen. We need, lighting rigs, motion capture, dolly shots and decent lenses for filming miniatures at various speeds. We need specialists in radio control gear for models. Ever made a Radio controlled robot? We could sure use your help.

Clothing! We need costume makers used to working with miniatures/ dolls etc. Press Gang. We need a PR team. People that can update our blog pages and other social networks on a regular basis. This would also include organising pitches at Comic Conventions to maximise our exposure to the general public. At present we have a couple of life size versions of the robot characters, (basically fibre glass casings) that could potentially have actors put into them for comic cons.

Artists - any good at movie posters and press releases? Ever done a comic or photo story? We have tons of photos and publicity stills. What we need is for someone to bring them to life as comics or other physical material we can display at conventions. We also need a large, dry and secure workshop to store props and film episodes.
Sam Smith

Sam Smith

Hi there, I'd love to collaborate on the show as a writer, could you send some info to and we'll go from there. Many thanks in advance!



Hi, I'd love to collaborate as a writer and/or voice over artist. You can get in touch with me Thanks!

Aiden Lonergan

Aiden Lonergan

Hi Jason and Co, I would love to collaborate as a writer. I have been writing comedy for many years and have my own show page here. Great stuff, would love to be on board! Cheers, Aiden



Rob wakefield here, would love to collab as a writer, and i already have a lot of childrens sci fi material, chuck me an email at

stephen catling

stephen catling

Hi , Stephen Catling here , Standup and comedy writer with experience in clowning and doing strange voices and noted as otherwordly , would be interested. Hit me up on for voice artistry or writing. Regards Stephen