Gen Why Not

What's it all about

Gen Why Not is a mockumentary web series about jobs only Millennials would create. So far we've interviewed a Latte Art Curator, a Trick Shot Engineer, a YouTube Content Curator and a CEO of an Incubator that incubates Incubators.

Each video is about 2 -3 minutes long and we're hoping to make four new episodes in 2019. Last year a few episodes went on to screen at film festivals and we're aiming to repeat the same success.

Our process is to collect a bunch of scripts about Millennial jobs and pick the top four to produce before reaching out to the local comedy community for actors and directors. Together as a team we rehearse, rewrite, and produce the series as a filmmaking collaboration.




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Fri 18 January 04:07pm
Devastating! This young man sold out on his dreams to make trick shot videos.
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Tue 08 January 10:38pm
The primary collaborators that we're looking for is writers.

We work closely with our sketch team Bad Medicine, but we're always open to good ideas no matter where they come from. Maybe if one video makes it big the others can benefit from it's success. So if you have an idea about a weird job only a Millennial would create and can write an interview about it. We would love to read it.