Ruined: A Hipster Ghost Story

What's it all about

Ruined is a comedy web series which I made to address my dual anxieties about the rise of neo Nazism, and not being cool enough to live in Dalston.

​Best friends Lucy and Owen have just bought their dream flat - but the resident Nazi ghost makes their new lives a nightmare. In the 90s this would have been the story of a fag hag and a gay best friend. In 2019 it’s a story about two mates trying to climb the London property ladder by any means necessary. This web series belongs on the internet, where it can be #halloweeneveryday




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Written by Lily Smith
Directed by Sam Heasman and Lily Smith
Cinematography by Sam Heasman
Featuring Chris Polick as Owen and Lily Smith as Lucy Kate Oswald as Debbie Wang
Hraban Luyat as Delivery man
Fi Green as Miriam
Oliver Stanley as John
Johnny Hassay as Peter Peppercorn
Thom Wong as Dr Kettering Edit by Simon Rodgers
Grade by Dan Gill at The Farm (thank you Sean Gatenby!)
Sound by Alex Collin
Animation by Kate Anderson
After Effects by Tom Worth
Sound post production by Darren Joyce
Music by Nick Gizbert
Sun 13 January 03:46pm
I shot six short eps of Ruined last year, and I'm currently developing two more epiosdes of Ruined to shoot in the spring. I'm always on the look out for collaborators: actors, creatives, crew and anyone with a GSOH that has access to sweet, sweet ca$h.
Ben Rufus Green

Ben Rufus Green

Brilliant stuff. Would like to be involved if there's any suitable roles. My show is Hot Desk on this site. I have more sketches and the like on my youtube channel.