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Those Three Girls are Multi-Award Winning comedy writer-performers Susannah Adele, Lucy Barnett and Carly Sheppard. We are looking to produce some new sketches. Last year our sketch ‘Dress Code’ was well received by film festivals and we’d love to create some more. WINNER: ‘Best Super Short’ – UK Monthly Film Festival 2018

FINALIST: Funny Women ‘Comedy Shorts’ with Comedy Central

FINALIST: ‘Best Comedy Short’ New Forest Film Festival

OFFICIALLY SELECTED: ‘BEST SUPERSHORT’ – ‘Best of the Best’ UK Monthly Film Fest Annual Event

OFFICIALLY SELECTED: ‘Best Micro Short’ London Short Film Dress Code 2018

OFFICIALLY SELECTED: ‘Best Shorter Comedy Short’ London-Worldwide Comedy Short Film Festival
If you would like to find out more or contact us we’d love to hear from you...




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Sun 03 February 04:45pm

Try playing this sketch on your new Amazon Fire without messing with Alexa's mind :)

Those Three Girls
Susannah Adele
Lucy Barnett
Carly Sheppard

Lucy Fazey

Anthony Gurner

Chris Bullock

Carmen Navarro Cerdá

Sat 26 January 09:52am


We’re delighted to be joining in the fun over here on Punkanary and pleased to have so much love and support from you all. Thank you! 

We love writing and filming sketches and would love to create some more this year so hopefully we can make that happen. 

But most of all we would love to have the exciting honour of dressing up swish and being screened at the BFI so thank you for following us and taking us one step closer! 

Best of luck to everyone else involved... we’re loving being part of Punkanary and watching all your hilarious films! 

T3G x 

godfrey goddard

godfrey goddard

Best of luck girls.

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Funding Progress

Goal £300
There are no donations
Those Three Girls are Susannah Adele, Lucy Barnett and Carly Sheppard.
Mon 14 January 09:05am
We are looking to work with a Creative Producer. As well as sketches we also write and produce sitcoms. With full treatments of numerous sitcoms ready to go, we are looking for a Producer who can work with us in view of pitching to Commissioning Editors.