Ripped Script

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Pete Butler is a comedy writer and performer who has writing credits on BBC Radio. In this show Pete reveals some his worst scripts that have never made it past the first draft. He then films them using his amazing green screen and then rips into the scripts, himself and everything that caused him to write it..




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Mon 21 January 04:14pm
Hi everyone, I'm about to start work on episode three of Ripped Script and it's going to be by far the edgyist one yet. I will post Episode 2 soon, once i've got a few fans
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Written by Pete Butler Animation by Pete Butler Directed by Pete Butler Starring Pete Butler and the voice of Lucy Burgess

Edited By Pete Butler
Mon 14 January 07:22pm
I'm always looking to work on new projects with people. I'm interested in writing scripts/reviewing scripts and small acting parts. I'm not currently seeking collaboration with my current project 'Ripped Scripts' but i will keep you updated. Thanks