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We have always believed that comedy starts with the writing. But where do the comedy writers start? Sketchpack came about with the idea of supporting brand new comedy. Writers who have always wanted to get something on screen - or even, just to see if their jokes really are funny. Wolfpack Productions supports the writer as best as possible by producing their sketch. Guiding through difficult desicions with pre-production and understanding the evolution of a comedy sketch and how it transforms from paper to screen.

Any donations made will be put to use by feeding the cast and crew (very important!) to ensure they don't all die on set from starvation. Paying for small props and costumes to ensure our jokes hit home. Location fees - we're running out of cool, hip, East London venues to shoot in. Surely you want to see some diversity in our sets, right? Small donations here and there just help pay for these small details that allow the pack to keep on creating and coming up with new funny ideas to share with you all. In the words of Tesco (Are we allowed to quote them? Any product placement breach here? Legal, we need an answer, where are you?!) Every Little Helps...




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Thu 14 February 08:41am
Another #sketchpack episode from the archives of Season 2.

Bad Media Co. Returns.

The pressures of writing comedy for YouTube ALL THE TIME - its a shame they don't have a clue...

WELCOME TO THE PACK! We are #Sketchpack, underneath the umbrella of Wolfpack Productions, championing inclusivity, and supporting new writers and directors of comedy.
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Funding Progress

Goal £1,000
There are no donations
Executive Producers - Jay Oliver Yip & Christopher Rithin

Managing Director - Jay Oliver Yip

Director of Photography - Christopher Rithin

Head of Post Production - Christopher Rithin

Art Direcrtor - Kate Bellamy
Mon 21 January 02:33pm
We always welcome working with new upcoming talent either in front or behind the camera.
Nick Spencer

Nick Spencer

Hi guys I love your work as it really appeals to my humour and style. Would you be interested in collaborating if you could check out my work too? Hope to chat soon and I’m looking forward to your next sketches. Nick

Nick Spencer

Nick Spencer

I’m such a dick! You can find me on Punkanary or YouTube under The Nick Spencer Dichotomy...