Edquiring Minds with Stephen Edwards

What's it all about

Edquiring Minds is a podcast in which a disgruntled reporter tries to cash in on the podcasting trend by interviewing a string of strange guest. Every show has a different weirdo pitching some crazy product insane belief or just doing something that rubs host Stephen Edwards the wrong way.

The show is scripted improv, we have a layout of points we want to hit and how the episode should end and we let the characters find their own way there which gives each episode the genuine spontaneity you would expect from a real interview.

Going forward we plan to develop the podcast into a live talk show with guest played by comedians and improv groups taking on the role of characters selected by the audience before each taping.




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Liam Gillies @bossklad
Paul Quinn @nevernotpaul
Thu 24 January 04:25pm
We are looking for improve and stand up people to be guest on the live show formate when it is up and running.