The League of Taste & Class Corp.

What's it all about

The League of Taste & Class is an animated dark-comedy sketch group founded by Chris Shaw and consists of a small tight team of voice actors, sound engineers and animators. Our shorts have been shown at numerous film festivals and even some awards.

Every month (kinda) we aim to release a brand new, dark and twisted comedy skit.

Each animation costs between £200-800 so any funds raised will go straight into production of the sketches.




1 Video

Thu 07 March 01:50pm
Extras: Animatic for A Face That Launched a Thousand Ships

Wed 06 March 04:09pm
I Insist - The Gentleman Standoff
Two gentleman, one bill. Who will pay? Find out in this exciting instalment of The League of Taste & Class Corp.!

Tue 05 March 01:05pm
Sketch Show Ep. 2 - Jim Jones' After School Extravaganza

Sun 03 March 04:59pm
Extras: Animatic for 32 Seconds - Depressing Maths 4

Sat 02 March 11:11am
Statue Man Part 1

Fri 01 March 03:50pm
Extras: Animatic for All on Black - Depressing Maths 3

Thu 28 February 01:21pm
A Face That Launched a Thousand Ships
Sorry for the lack of updates lately, life stuff got in the way. But here we go!

Funding Progress

Goal £500
There are no donations
Chris Shaw (NVQ, BTEC, City & Guilds). Junior Vice President, Writer, Director, Editor & Producer

Core Voice Actors: Matt Walrond, Alice Bol, Lara Anstead, Ben Hudson, Chris Shaw, Mark Shaw, Luke Weller

Animators: James White and Graeme Pickles

Sound Engineers: Jacob Harris and Adam Summersgill

No collaboration required at the moment