The League of Taste & Class Corp.

What's it all about

The League of Taste & Class is an animated dark-comedy sketch group founded by Chris Shaw and consists of a small tight team of voice actors, sound engineers and animators. Our shorts have been shown at numerous film festivals and even some awards.

Every month (kinda) we aim to release a brand new, dark and twisted comedy skit.

Each animation costs between £200-800 so any funds raised will go straight into production of the sketches.




1 Video

Sat 23 February 11:19am
Sketch Show Ep.1 - O.J. Simpson's Comeback Special
Our first 10 minute sketch show

Fri 22 February 02:44pm
Extras: Animatic for Nana & Grandpa - A VR Christmas

Thu 21 February 01:57pm
So I made this sketch at the height of the tensions between the US and North Korea, but then the bastards had to go and make up didn't they? Either way enjoy

Wed 20 February 02:36pm
Extras: Animatic for Grounded - Getting Caught With Rego

Mon 18 February 01:19pm
32 Seconds - Depressing Maths 4
The last in the series of the Depressing Maths saga. Will you get your textbooks and pencils out for the upcoming question just one last time?

Sat 16 February 10:38am
Extras: Animatic for The Good Samaritan Comedy Sketch

Fri 15 February 02:27pm
All on Black - Depressing Maths 3
After being put on probation with the Headteacher, Mr. Smith is allowed back into the classroom for another exciting Depressing Maths! Get your pencils and textbooks ready for the upcoming question!


Funding Progress

Goal £500
There are no donations
Chris Shaw (NVQ, BTEC, City & Guilds). Junior Vice President, Writer, Director, Editor & Producer

Core Voice Actors: Matt Walrond, Alice Bol, Lara Anstead, Ben Hudson, Chris Shaw, Mark Shaw, Luke Weller

Animators: James White and Graeme Pickles

Sound Engineers: Jacob Harris and Adam Summersgill

No collaboration required at the moment