What's it all about

'Sidelined' is an animated sitcom about an average footballer, Stevie Lautrec, who detests his profession and longs for artistic acceptance instead.

I intend to release the first episode, in which Stevie tries to negotiate a contract termination but only succeeds in getting himself sent out on loan to the middle of nowhere, 1 scene at a time over the next month. Enjoy!




1 Video

Sun 17 February 04:59pm
Sidelined. Episode 1, Scene 8

Fri 15 February 05:37pm
Something different now: a sketch I made, influenced by the recent phenomena of stockpiling in preparation for a No Deal Brexit. What might the future of online grocery deliveries look like?

Thu 14 February 09:24am
Sidelined. Episode 1, Scene 7

Mon 11 February 11:18am
Sidelined- Episode 1, Scene 6

Fri 08 February 01:26pm
Sidelined Episode 1 Scene 5

Tue 05 February 08:37pm
Sidelined. Ep 1 Scene 4

Sat 02 February 08:35pm
Sidelined Ep 1 Scene 3
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Just me, Jim Vanderpump: writer, director, producer, voices, etc, etc.
Sat 26 January 11:17am
Open to suggestions. I potentially would be interested in collaborating with other comedy writers.