Firkin on Film - An introduction

What's it all about

Firkin on Film is a spoof Director's commentary starring the character of Anthony Mews-Firkin, an aging, drunk and often delusional TV and film veteran.

Currently I have 6 episodes completed, with a few in development. The two main battles being sourcing Public Domain content for the episodes, and finding the time to sit through the TERRIBLE films to write the scripts. In the future I want to expand Firkin out to more TV episodes, some public information films - and anything weird and wonderful that won't give me a crippling copyright strike on Youtube..




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Tue 05 February 02:18pm
Anthony Mews-Firkin allows a track from his 1972 erotica LP to let slip and mildly disgust all who listen to it.. 

Thu 31 January 09:03am
Episode 1 - The Yeti 
Veteran Director and film-guru, Anthony Mews-Firkin, angrily talks too close to the microphone about his 1977 film 'The Yeti', and a delicate matter regarding a recently published book. The Yeti: also known as 'Fur-Man - the Lost Tapes', 'I married Bigfoot', and 'Sasquatch me while I'm sleeping'.

I'm likely to split these episodes - or edit them down - as they are getting a little long! The hope is to create a series of perhaps 10 film and 10 TV episodes. With a variety of other shorter content. Bloopers, Autobiography excerpts etc. Always up to chat about ideas or collaborations. 
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Anthony Mews-Firkin. Indeterminate age. Probably drinking Vermouth.

Anthony Mews-Firkin (He's not real...)
Tue 29 January 10:27am
While Firkin on Film is in the main a solo project, I'd certainly be interested in producing material where Firkin sits down with other actors, producers etc and a more conversational tone can be achieved. If you think you can create a character that would work well in Firkin's little mad world, just let me know... Over here on Twitter