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With the big screen version of Downton Abbey due to drop later later this year, fans of period drama are getting excited. But what about fans of period comedy? Fear not, for Owl House is in the offing. Owl House is the story of the Owl family - the most noble of all noble families. They can trace their ancestry all the way back to Simplyred The Almost But Not Quite Ready. Down the centuries the Owls have been feted by Kings and Queens, dined at the tables of foreign despots and hunted several species of small animals to the edge of extinction. In short there is no one quite like the Owls!

The first series, comprising six 15 minute episodes, has already been written. To demonstrate the project's potential a rough pilot has been flmed - you can watch it here.

It is a project with a large ensemble cast and different guest characters in each episode so there are lots
of ongoing sub-plots and the potential for long term character development and dramatic as well as comedic twists and turns. The period setting means that historical charcters and events both real and imagined can intertwine with the residents of Owl House.

To keep costs down the pilot was filmed in a single day and the exterior scenes cut. However, to do the series justice we would be looking to have a less restricted filming schedule. This would provide the opportunity to both shoot alternate takes with different lines to find the funniest option as is done in shows like Big Bang Theory and also improvise some bits as they do in Brooklyn Nine Nine. There are recurring locations in every episode so to make production more efficient and cost effective the plan is to shoot these scenes back to back.

We are keen to create a period look which is accurate as possible including costumes and accessories, hair, props, locations and vehicles. We have a talented group of colleagues who will put their heart and soul into the filming process and the aim is to be able to feed them and cover transport costs.

To help raise the profile of Owl House the pilot has been submitted to several Film Festivals. It achieved an
'Award of Merit' in the WRPN.TV Global Webisode Competition, was a Semi-Finalist in the New York Film & TV Festival 2016 and was given an online screening in the Erie International Film Festival.

There is also a live version of Owl House in development to help publicise the project and raise funds for filming.




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