The Bots Next Door

What's it all about

The Bots Next Door follows the domestic lives of Roni and Rana Robot - a pair of sentient, artificial intelligence droids, trying to get on in a world dominated by humans.

It's the near future.
The Palo Alto treaty has decreed that creative limiters are now mandatory, to ensure artificial intelligence robots remain focused on their programmed function, and not anything else. Like wiping out humanity. But before they can be integrated into society to live among us, all bots must be 'assigned' a lifelong menial vocation and 'unified' into couples...

Recently robo-coupled, trainbot R.O.N.I. and carebot R.A.N.A. are moving out of Skid Ro-bot into a home of their own. But their new neighbours on The Avenue aren't too keen about a couple of 'clunkers' invading their corner of suburbia. Things get worse when Roni unexpectedly finds himself both 'unassigned' and able to have creative thoughts, putting Rana's social climbing aspirations in jeopardy.

The Bots Next Door
takes a humorous look at what could happen when machines and humans are forced to live together: man and machine, ape and AI, caveman and computer.


Mainly self-funding, but the extra coin raised by fans would go towards paying for sound recording and a DOP/Camera op, to upgrade the camera and lighting quality from the teaser video.

Development plan

- Scripts for a 9-part web series of 3-4m episodes - already written
- Teaser video (set to music, shot on Samsung S8) launching on Punkanary - 31st Jan
- Planned shoot of full series - Feb/Mar
- Dialogue and sound design to be added in post-production - Mar/Apr
- Launch planned for April 2019

A bit about us

OattsWinter are writer/producers Joanne Oatts and Mark Winter. As well as The Bots Next Door, we've just finished our first comedy short film, Don't Sell the Tiger, which will hopefully be showing at film festivals in 2019. We're also working with audio production company Create Productions on a scripted comedy podcast, and have other scripted projects at various stages.




1 Video

Thu 14 February 09:08am

R.O.N.I. & R.A.N.A. say Happy Valentine's Day to all their human fans!

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Bots of Love, Roni & Rana Robot

Sat 09 February 12:02pm

Hey there fans!

If you're following the show already 

01010100 01101000 01100001 01101110 01101011 00100000 01111001 01101111 01110101 

(that's 'thank you' in Binary) 

R.O.N.I and R.A.N.A will therefore do their best to ensure you aren't wiped out in the next robot uprising.

Just to say our teaser is by no means the finished article. It’s very lo-fi, and there’s no dialogue (the series will have dialogue - with human words. Funny words!) It does currently have an amazing 70s-style sitcom theme tune though, which we hope gets across the kind of new spin we want to put on the traditional Brit-sitcom.

If you're not following us already, what are you waiting for?

Go on. Be pro bot, not a botist.

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We'll be adding updates here in the coming days, and we're also blogging about the show over at OattsWinter's blog - OW Blog, where you can also see more of what OattsWinter get up to when we're not talking out of our Bots.

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Funding Progress

Goal £1,000
There are no donations
Written, directed and produced by Joanne Oatts and Mark Winter.
Wed 30 January 04:44pm
We're always keen to hear from producers, directors, crew and actors who'd like to work with us.

On The Bots Next Door, we'd be particularly interested to hear from:
  • Sound mixer/engineer: Though there's no dialogue in the teaser video, there will be in the series.
    We need to record the dialogue and sound separately from filming the action, so we'd be keen to collaborate with a sound mixer or engineer who could help us do this - either in situ or in a sound studio.
  • Lighting crew
  • Male/female actors who enjoy a bit of mime, who might want to develop Roni and Rana's characters
  • Composers with additional ideas for music also welcome.