Out of the Ordinary

What's it all about

It's Alan Partridge crossed with Most Haunted!

This is a comedy series that follows Richard Rodriguez “Scare King” Soul who has recently assembled a paranormal investigation crew he has named Out of the Ordinary. The team journeys to places around the UK investigating paranormal events such as ghosts, supernatural creatures and UFOs. The team comprises of Richard (presenter), Kim (psychic), Jamie (researcher and PR), Jason (cameraman) and Billy (technician).

We are going to make a short 8 minute taster film to promote the sitcom we have written. It is a scene showing Richard and Jason, trying to get Delia the Demonologist out of retirement so she can help out in his next investigation.

It will be zero budget and shot in Sheffield this Spring 2019 over one weekend.

We want to raise some money so we can pay the cast and crew and pay for a rehearsal room.

We will soon upload a one minute mood video of what we envision the sitcom to be like, i.e. lots of Most Haunted clips. It's not plagiarism, it's love.




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Funding Progress

Goal £400
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Joleen White (co-writer, director, producer and editor)
Peter Aldred (co-writer, actor and editor)

Adam Farrell (cameraman and editor of Farrell Films)

and you...?
Wed 30 January 08:31pm
We're looking for actors and crew (DOP, camera people) to collaborate with who can advise and teach us!

Preferably people based in Sheffield and people who are underrepresented in the industry (working class/BAME/Female/Disabled etc!) We're working class and Pete has violent Sexlexia.

We love comedy and horror and we love comedy horror even more, would love to meet like minded people.