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Hello and thank you for visiting Melon Comedy - we make global, cause-related comedy, in Melb & LDN with no budget. We're a bit melancholy, a bit silly, and look for laughs in some of life's oddest, darkest corners - from modern love to pollution to mental illness. We’re also the sketchy little sister to @LemonComedy, a global celebration of diversity in stand-up.

Melon Comedy & The Infinite Gladness:
Made in support of CALM, and dedicated to one of our founding performers who lost his battle with Anxiety & Depression, Melon Comedy use observational, silly comedy to kick the ass of misogyny, pollution, depression, the housing crisis, ‘wellness’ & clean eating, and the horrors of modern dating.

Our first pilot, ‘Melon Comedy & the Infinite Gladness’ is a surreal post-Brexit, diverse sketch show to turn the world’s frown upside down. Suicide is the biggest killer of men under 45. Melancholia, Anxiety, ADHD and OCD are more prevalent than ever in today’s world, and yet they are only recently becoming socially acceptable to talk about. At first glance, none of these things seem funny. But when you’ve been through it and come out the other side, they are - and we reckon Comedy is a beautiful platform for helping people feel less alone...

Oh dear. That all sounds a bit worthy! Shouldn’t comedy be funny?

We also have skits about very silly things.

Like a nasal opticians.

A tupperware fetish.

And a Goblin that tangles up your iPhone cable when your back’s turned. Yeah, he’s real alright. We’re onto him.

If you'd like Team GB to hunt down your ghoster, dob them in at

If you enjoy our films and wouldn't mind seeing more sooner, head to or pledge right here and now!

We would love more funds to film more episodes of our sketches.

And we are hungry.

Thanks, Love Lol & Em and all the other Melonheads x




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Fri 08 February 11:22pm

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Thu 07 February 11:15pm
Who’s up for making 2019 the year we change the tide on plastic? Here’s a short missive from the mer-maids
and their King, please share it with the humans! 

Full film coming soon to #TheLitterMermaid
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Funding Progress

Goal £50,000
There are no donations
We are a neuro-diverse, scattered gaggle of writers, performers & recovering Advertising Creatives. We were thrown together in both hemispheres by serendipity and a love of comedy.

THE MELON CORE Creator, writer & performer Lorelei Mathias has had three Romantic Comedy novels published, (see, for which she is represented by DHH Literary Agency. She appeared at the Pleasance as a guest performer in Sam Campbell’s 2018 Edinburgh Fringe show. Alongside forming Melon she has been writing the TV adaptation of her novel Break-Up Club, long-listed for BBC Writers Room and commended by Funny Women Awards. At Melbourne Comedy Festival 2017 she was a reviewer for Chortle and co-founded a sister brand to Melon, Lemon Comedy, a global diversity initiative and monthly comedy club which now runs globally and at Melbourne Comedy Festival 2018. She produced the sell-out shows to critical acclaim, from Time Out to The ABC, and the Lemon London launch in September 2017.

Writer & performer Emma McMorrow sold her first Comedy Drama The Smoke (right) to ITV Productions in 2012 through her film development company Smoulder Productions, through which she has a range of feature scripts in development. She trained at the Guildhall School of Music & Drama, and her TV credits include Coronation Street, Spooks, Holby City & Doctors. Her play ‘Decisions’ was recently shortlisted for 'The Space' Theatre's new writing programme 2018. Writer & performer Michael Topolski - and produces the Polski Sklep Polish comedy night at The Bill Murray Angel, and co-produces Lemon Comedy London. He’s ready to act in any part we’d like him to - so long as he goes by the name of Bogdan. He’d like you to know he is very hard working and won’t let his people down.

Writer, performer, Illustrator, Hannah Maryse Robinson has been working with Lorelei Mathias on a children’s book about ADHD and a celestial lost property bureau. As a fellow ADHD sufferer, she is also working on various Melon sketches to do with neuro-diversity and mental illness. An award winning screenwriter, she’s developing several projects that explore mental health, including feature Those Who Can’t. Composer, Singer,

Musical Comedian & lyricist, Camilla Mathias
brings her classical training as guitarist, actor and singer to inspire and invite positive change. She trained at Central School of Speech & Drama. Her latest musical comedy pop promo, Don’t" reflects on anxiety and the pains of modern-day admin hell.

Through the Lemon network and Melbourne Comedy Festival, we have links to a range of talented comedic actors to appear as cameos. We also have a raft of additional UK & Australian comic performing talent provisionally attached. See more at

Our followings
in London and Melbourne are growing via our page, and our latest films, Ghoster Busters and Dr Goo-little have had 17k and 2 million hits. We’ve screened at comedy clubs in London and Melbourne, we’ve been selected to appear at Angel Comedy’s Chorts Fest 2018 and readings at London Comedy Writers. Earlier drafts of our sketches have been short-listed for Craft of Comedy 2018, and long-listed for BBC Writers Room.

Oh that all sounds like we are a bit up our arses and don't need help!


Even though a lot of our collaborators, co-writers, animators are MALE, the two main writer-performers are FEMALE which means we hear the phrase 'oh we already have a female-led sketch show so...' which is pretty hilarious in 2019 but hey ho!

Suffice to say we could def still use a leg-up. A big, daddy long-leg of a leg-up.

Thanks for watching.

And, that's our time. BYEE!
Wed 30 January 09:24pm
We write sketches in that rare snatched moment betwixt dayjob, sleep, eating, admin, hysteria & procrastination - and we make them with the kindness of strangers and the bit of plastic on the end of a shoe-string. So far it's all been a crazy dream and we can't really handle the production side on our own anymore.

We'd love to be able to make things this properly, with even a drop of budget. And we'd love to do it for a living. We have more sketches than we know what to do with and we are CONVINCED one day that 'Sketch Show Finally makes a comeback' headline will be in the Guardian and when it is we'd love to be part of it and not be saying we told you so! So if you like sketches and you like any of our stuff and want to help keep it going, read on...

So where are we at?
Our first sketch was the reality TV spoof GhosterBusters, which has screened in London's Angel Comedy and in Melbourne. We've since made a bunch of others that we haven't had time to post yet cos this film for World Mental Health Day took over - as did this next film about plastic pollution: The Litter Mermaid. In between that, some very silly films about Advertising Wankers, and a course about how to get rich quick from a sexually repressed mathemetician. You'll find them on our facebook page if you do a 'deep dive'.

We have an Ep. one of Ghoster Busters shot in Melbourne, but we'd like to filmthe other two episodes in two other cities we've heard are rife with ghosting & submarining incidents, but we can't without your help. We made this first one on a shoestring. Well, more like the bit of plastic on the end of a shoe-string. In a dream world we'd love to keep our actors and crew paid, or at least watered and fed!

We have enough raw material for 6 weeks of half hour sketch shows, and we are close to having shot enough for a half hour pilot. But we urgently need funding/sponsors so we can aford to film more. We are also looking for social media community managers to help get our stuff out there.

As for the Ghoster Busters, we'd love to keep making this episodic sketch and helping stamp out the social crime that is ghosting. We also want to tackle those pesky 'submariners' - re-emerging ex-ghosters who think it's OK to suddenly pull a 'Hey....' on messenger two years later like a shit boomerang.

If you'd like to help them happen quicker, here's some little ways you can join us!

With your time:

- We are actively looking for an overall Producer, DOP, 1st AD, sound men, social media wizards, people.

- We are open to co-writers and co-performers too, so long as your ideas can fit into our existing themes above and can become part of the bigger thing!

- We are ok for post production at the moment, it's everything before the edit we are struggling with!

- Pls Like us on the Facebook at

- Subscribe to our channel on the Youtube:

- We're not on twitter yet but our sister @lemoncomedy is!

With your cash monies:

£1-100 buys us enough to feed the crew, and you your name in the credits, and suggestions for any of the storylines.

£150 helps us TAKE DOWN THE PESKY ALGORE-RITHM so people ca actually see our films on Facebook and Youtube (in other words, we'll pay to 'boost' our videos so people can see it.

£250 buys more urgent scientific research into the damaging effects that Ghost Traumatic Stress Disorder has on the brain, in conjunction with a team of Professors at Oxford Brookes University.

£500 buys us some scuba diving gear and a boat trip, so we can go out and catch all those pesky Submariners.

£1000 buys you a walk on part, a producer credit, and a meet & greet with the Melon Comedy creative team & actors. And of course one big metaphorical big hug full of love & gratitude. And Karma. Loads of Karma, (which we all know, is a bitch)

Thank you love you bye!

Lol & Em
(Lorelei Mathias & Emmy McMorrow), and the rest of the MelonHeads

PS Our live night is @LemonComedy - one of TIME OUT's 'funniest, most inclusive nights'