The Nick Spencer Dichotomy

What's it all about

This is a one-man comedy sketch show which features various characters shot on location (small to no budget) which occasionaly features supporting characters for dialogue and group scenes as the show/channel grows.

It's made simply with minimal wardrobe and make-up but all donations welcome ;-)




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Wed 13 February 11:47pm
Nappants: A spoof commercial for a brand of men’s underwear that accommodates and absorbs any accidental moisture as it’s ‘returned’ to the pants.
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There are no donations
My team are my dear friends who help me with editing, filming and locations but as I'm venturing out I'm very open to external offers of help and crew.
Wed 30 January 10:44pm
I'm open to collaboration and looking to work with others, but 'The Show' can be perfomed by myself in various characters/rolls.