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We have made season 1 and are currently in post production on season 2 but as these are filmed on the tiniest of budgets we have a plan to expand the scope of these downwardly mobile characters. The flavour of style has been presented but for us to succeed we need to expand the scope.

The next season will be a continuation of the misadventures (minus the Missy Elliot) and will be expanded in terms production values. We would create a wider world in which the characters shambolically try to get thier film idea made (which can be either considered Meta ot a scene from Inception).

To improve the quality of the next series we are looking to use the funding we recieve on a cameraman+kit, soundman and a stripped down crew plus associated travel expenses and lunch. We will also be using private and public locations which will be an added cost. We believe that any crew working on this project should get paid for their time.

We are in the process of writing all 6 episodes of Season 3 and are factoring in the budget needed so we can soon publish a clear guideline on how the money will spent and that the crew are taken care of.

We have proved that we can shoot on a micro budget and based on the style we want to achieve we would definitely put the money on the screen.




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Tue 05 February 09:32am
As we prep season 3 check out the past series on our youtube page

Season 1 Episode 1 is on the link above
Fuzzy Dice

Fuzzy Dice

for all of the people out there you can see our shorts here one instagram follow the love

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Funding Progress

Goal £5,000
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Kit Johnstone
Sandip Mahal
Thu 31 January 07:58pm
As the piece is mainly about two intelectually challenged posh guys we would be willing to collaborate with behind the scenes crew to create better quality shows. Currently the way things are we are literally working with limited resources and using our own equipment to get the shows made.