Ted's Tales: Holiday

What's it all about

Ted's Tales is the first in a serious of CBH radio/TV shows.
Ted's Tales, is set in Cornwall, with local presenter Farmer Ted Norton presenting a number of topics where members of the public call in. However, all of the characters are very different to Ted resulting in many crossed wires! Joining Ted in this first show is London geezer Dave Squeezer, brash, loud and back from Benidorm.
Future CBH shows include:
Kickball! A TV show with smooth American sports presenter Jason Rocket, trying to make sense of the beautiful game.
You Talkin' To Me? A chat show hosted by reformed mafioso Tony Tampiano.
Bible Beat, a fast-paced 24 hour news channel with Mikah and Lot reporting all the breaking news from the Old and New Testament. Check out the performance of the Damascus Giants at the 3:30 stoning, a spot of deep sea fishing off the Ark or the result of the Nile basket race. Never a dull moment!

We are hoping to raise £1000 towards some more professional video and sound recording equipment to replace the wind-up laptop and GoPro camera we currently use.

Shows are recorded at CBH HQ in a top secret location near Twickenham.




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Sat 09 February 08:08pm
The recording of the sketch went well and is now in post-production with our master producer.
Meanwhile, we are writing a new sketch, The Snowman Show, hosted by Jeremy Snowflake.
In the first show, Jeremy speaks to a caller who had to cope with being told 'good morning' by the milkman.

Sat 02 February 06:56pm
We will be recording the full sketch 'Ted's Tales: Holiday' this coming Tuesday, 5th February. We have edited the script further and it comes in at under three minutes: less than a round of boxing and not nearly as painful.
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Funding Progress

Goal £1,000
There are no donations
CBH consist of:
John C, Simon B and Matt H: Comedy Bodily Harm.
We all write, edit and record sketches and formed in 2014.

No collaboration required at the moment