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Hiya pals, thanks for reading. We've written four and a half out of seven episodes of this soon-to-be modern-day classic web series, and we're so so so excited to bring it to the world via this fun, new, innovative online platform!!!!!!!!

A few words about our show: it's surreal, but in another sense, too real. It's about a couple of gals, a couple of pals, on the precipice of young adulthood. One foot is on their college campus, and the other? Flailing in the abyss! There are many a question on their minds, and a whole lot of uncertainty. But they have each other, and their youth, and their good looks! And their quick wits! They explore what it means to be students, and adults, and women, and friends.




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Daniella Balarezo
Elizabeth McClellan
Fri 01 February 03:32am
We're looking for actors and filmmakers to help bring a lil spice to our good good project!