Plastic Paddies

What's it all about

The show follows the story of Liam who moves into his cousin Chris' place in London, turning his cosmopolitan lifestyle upside down. With no other options given to Chris from his mother. He is stuck living with Liam and with help from his friends at his local, Emily and Ciara he will have to learn to get used to this.

This is the first clip from the pilot of this new sitcom. The pilot was shot last August (2018) and hopefully we can make the rest of the series in 2019.

The scripts for the rest of the series are currently being worked on and once these are in place we can finally try and move forward with making this as a webseries or if we are lucky get it commissioned.




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Eoin Ross- Writer/Director
Damianos Damianos- Producer
Tue 05 February 11:54am
Collaborators are always welcome in any shape or form, from production to performers or post-production. If you like what you see of course, and feel you have something to bring to the table.