60 Second Mocks

What's it all about

Title: 60 Second Mocks

Tagline: Mocks. 60 seconds at a time.

Description: A diverse series of one-minute mockumentaries that provide a new look into the most unique character, expressions, and practices that make up the world.

The idea behind the webseries is to showcase people with very unique dispositions and put them in contrasting situations. We don't aim to poke fun at people, but rather, imagine what it would be like if these people were in challenging situations.

We produced the first season all on our own, with no budget, using our own equipment, but we would like to continue this series into Season 2 with a small budget.

We currently have 16 more ideas to produce, with about half of them fully written and would like to start shooting this year.




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Sat 16 February 06:45am
Here's EP 2 of Season 1 of 60 Second Mocks. We will post one each week over the next 16 weeks and we really hope to get some support. God knows we can't have Punkanary be yet another platform where we are ignored. 
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Funding Progress

Goal £1,000
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MARSHALL MALONE Co-Founder / Director / Editor

Marshall has been attempting to be funny in the form of producing sketches since 2008. After coming to the realization he was not funny on camera, he retreated to the other side of the lens to start directing. He has also taken several writing classes at The Second City in Chicago.

ROB MOCCIO Co-Founder / Writer / Actor

Rob has been creating comedy since 2007. It all started out with him trying to get his friends out to the local Ale House and spiraled down to him buying Semen for Cents. Although he never performs live, he has the ability to come up with a sketch and act it out within minutes.
Thu 07 February 06:39pm
For this project, we invite writers to join on board. For Season 2, we don't need any more ideas, but if you have ideas for this format and would like to contribute by writing them, feel free to reach out. At the moment, we currently have several episodes that need to be written. Since these are only 1 minute long, it's usually only a page or two of writing. We like to short more than we need, so don't worry if it's longer.

Actors in the Jacksonville, Florida area, please reach out! We do not have a budget to fly talent here, but maybe one day!