The Downs

What's it all about

‘The Downs’ is a comedy mockumentary which is partly cast, leaving other roles available. It requires a small budget as it is filmed entirely on both interior and exterior locations. The script is complete however it is partly improvised to give it a more natural mockdoc feel.

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Sat 16 February 10:01am
Part Two of ‘The Downs’, a comedy mockumentary following the life of Saul Holman and his best friend Kimberley 'Bird' Clark.
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There are no donations
As of yet I’m alone apart from my pending cast so please do refer to the above section if you’d like to be a part of it.
Thu 14 February 12:32am
I am very open and willing to collaboration from camera, make up, wardrobe and supporting roles. There is no funding in place as of yet so donations are gratefully and humbly accepted.