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MumDem - Four lads, big dreams. No hope.

MumDem follows the story of four lads born and raised in the Welsh capital of Cardiff, with dreams of making it big in fashion. And Mums.

We shot these two pilot episodes to show people the premise and theme of the show. We now aim to make six 15 minute episodes and distribute the series on Amazon Prime Video in the UK. We’re in the fundraising stage at the moment and aim to begin shooting in October 2019.

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Tomos Gwynfryn-Evans ... Atmosfear
Tobias Weatherburn ... Deemus
Aaron Price ... Brynn
Ben Candy ... Tonka
Simon Pengelly ... Brian
Liam Noble ... Dave
Claudine Whyte ... Shanice
Linda Bailey ... Belinda
Alison Lenihan ... Delith
Thaer Al-Shayei ... Mark
Morgan Thomas ... Rhys
Richard Ellis ... Random Bar Bloke
Rhys Downing ... Wayne
Rhys Morgan ... Teenager
Christos Gauci ... Bar Extra
Alec James ... Bar Extra 2


Writer: Dan Summers
Director: Ben Morgan
Producer: Owain Lewis
DOP: Sam Thomas
Sound: Kristian Domingo
Music/Soundtrack: James Wood
Grip: Richard Ellis
Tue 19 February 07:24am
We are currently recasting the following roles ahead of shooting the rest of the series.

Atmosfear: Tomos Gwynfryn-Evans
Brynn: Aaron Price

If you would like to be considered for either of these roles, please send your CV/showreel to