Benny Fitz

What's it all about

The series would comprise a number of fly on the wall over the shoulder short sketches. They are all done in one take so even I don't always know what will happen next. At the moment videos are shot with a budget head cam and mobile phone.

Intention is to keep low budget but would love some extra dosh to get some better equipment to improve quality.

In this first viddeo Benny Fitz some quick funds to pay for wife Florence's birthday present. After first striking a deal with the local scrap man Benny then calls the crematorium to find out if his artificial knee replacements will survive his cremation.




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Thu 07 March 07:41pm
Benny Fitz - Enquires About Joint Gym Membership
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Funding Progress

Goal £100
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Andy Mannion
Molly (the dog)
Fri 01 March 07:59pm
Always open to ideas so if anyone has any suggestions or skills let me know.