Black Country Jedi

What's it all about

A mockumentary which focuses on a homeless person in Wolverhampton named Johnny, who claims to be a Jedi.

The documentrary director is a philosophical, cultured, snobbish artist, which makes communication between the two of them strained, especially with Johnn's Midlands dialect and the director's Irish accent.

We have a number of future episodes planned and written. It is simply finding the time and raising the money (for props, time and post-production) to shhot them.

In particular is an alternate first shorter webisode which will be much faster paced than this one (one of our criticisms) with montages of Johnny's life around the city, scamming and living on the fringes of society, and perhaps using his Jedi powers to his own advantage (like winning on fruit machines using the force).

An ongoing question of the show is: 'is Johnny a real Jedi?'




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Funding Progress

Goal £1,000
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Stephen Horton - Actor (Johnny), Producer
Daniel Bull - Director, Writer, Editor, Actor (Archibald McGinty-Balsac)
Ross James - Writer, Marketing
Mon 04 March 09:19pm
We are very keen to get other actors involved.

Alpang Cloak is very strong with all production aspects, having built up our own filming kit, and working in the post-production industry we do our own editing and post work.

We are also all writers in the group.