Comic Relief: Morecambe & Wise Sketch

What's it all about

A one-take, one shot, recreation of the Morecambe & Wise Breakfast sketch to raise money for Comic Relief, featuring Raffers & Kay.

How the loss of both my Grandparents inspired me to do a good deed in their honour.

In October last year, my Granddad past away suddenly and my Nan was diagnosed with terminal cancer. What followed were several months of grief as my family gathered for my Granddad's funeral and my Nan; the strongest lady I've ever met, slowly dwindled away. The family pulled together throughout Christmas and we did our best to ensure she had the best send off she could ask for. My final memory in her kitchen (where I'd spent several years playing card games and sharing my life with her) was waiting for her carer to help her change before we celebrated the new year and brought in 2019 together.

By the time I went to see her again she'd fallen into a coma and before I knew it she'd gone. My struggles to accept this were increased by the fact she'd lived next to my parents for just under ten years. I wanted to return to her kitchen, but while mourning her loss I didn't know if I could.

The Idea

Then myself and my double act partner Jacob came up with a plan as to how I could return to her kitchen one last time, but now I'd be creating a memory, something I can share with everyone from here on out. Then it came to my attention that Comic Relief is on the horizon and therefore we had the unique opportunity to raise some money and do a good deed in honour of my fallen grandparents.

My Granddad and I had shared a common interest in Morcambe and Wise, he'd even gone to see them at Blackpool once (something of which I was very jealous). And so it's for him that I aim to recreate their classical breakfast sketch in hopes of inspiring our generation to give kindly to comic relief.

Extra Challenges

What makes this version of the breakfast sketch unique is the fact that it will all be done in one shot (a feat that hasn't been accomplished before). We hope this inspires people to share so we can reach as many people as possible and hit our goal of £100.

Morecambe & Wise Breakfast Sketch




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Tue 19 March 10:08am
A retweet from Reece Shearsmith.

Tue 19 March 10:06am
A reaction from the family of Eddie Braben, the man who wrote for Morecambe & Wise.

Fri 15 March 10:00pm
Liked by Dawn French, Scott Mills & Chris Stark.

Fri 15 March 09:58pm
Very humbled to receive this tweet from the son of the man who choreographed the original sketch.

Sat 09 March 04:09pm

Please help me raise money for comic relief by giving kindly and sharing my just giving page: Twitter: Facebook:

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Funding Progress

Goal £100
  • £15

    Omar C Nasar

    Great effort, nicely done.

Allan Rafferty:

Following his first broadcast credit on the BBC, Allan is currently studying a Masters in Writing for Performance at the University of Derby. He has a First Class Degree in Film Production and is well-versed on set; having worked on the sets of Hollyoaks, Doctors & Waterloo Road.

Jacob Kay:

Having started making films on a camcorder back in 2011, Jacob is no stranger to the world of film-making. He has created, written and performed in many projects across multiple disciplines, including film, TV and theatre. He graduated from the University of Lincoln with a Distinction grade Masters degree in Drama (Playwriting) this year, and his two plays have been met with praise and have had rehearsed readings in professional studio spaces, such as the Lincoln Performing Arts Centre and The Blue Room.

Jack O'gara:

After completing his B.A in Film Production at the University of Derby and with his talent in the art of camerawork, Jack has gone on to invent the cine-range finder; a device to help focus pullers. Other than this he has worked professionally on several short films including Cannibals and Carpet Fitter & Temporarily lost. He is the cinematographer on this project.

Chris Wynne:

A talented sound recordist who has worked across the board. After graduating Film Production at University, Chris has been working mainly within documentary films and interview work, though he has also done live music performances and knows his way around a film set. He's been helping out as a stagehand on set.

Matt Tozer:

Cancer survivor, inspirational blogger, speaker & well-being writer, he's been helping out as a stagehand on set.

Benji Clifford:

He provides sound design and music for Big Finish Productions. He also features as the co-host for the Big Finish Podcast with Nicholas Briggs. He has guested within the video as the radio presenter.

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