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What's it all about

Good Walrus are a sketch and short film comedy group based in South Wales. We have a number of sketches in development and are fortunate enough to have close conections with local colleges allowing us access to actors and recording facilitlies. Ideally, we would like to raise money in order to purchase our own equipment, ultimatley allowing us more freedom as when to film...and more often!

We have a goal of raising £2000 which will be spent towards filming equipment, some location expenses and there will be a need for extravagant costume down the line! Currently we are very fortunate that we are able to use the facilities of local colleges that we have connections with, but are very much governed as to when we can use their fine pieces of equipment. Admittedly we could film many a sketch using our phones (and we probably will for now!) but we would like to bring out the very best in our ideas, most which would require multiple camera shots.

Our comedy comes from the surreal to sincere awkwardness and have many ideas that we would like to develop soon.




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Goal £2,000
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Chris Ford and David Castle
Thu 07 March 01:38pm
We are open to collaboration, particularly actors, filmakers and editors but we would welcome connections with all creators. We can easily travel for the right people.