Variety Freestyles with the Heroes

What's it all about

Even though the clip I have sent was based in Los Angeles,

Im going to extend this type of concept of Hilarious Freestyling in many places in London (Where im from) such as Covent Garden, Piccadilly Circus and Carnaby street to hane the few where you may come across somebody dressed as a Superhero

Plus I would do this same thing in Indoor events such as the Comic Con too


Super Heroes


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Yes please it can be from 2 -10 people
Who can rotate the roles if they can from performer, camera person and writer

Or even an Ensemble would be nice
Mon 11 March 10:44pm
I would to collaborate with anybody who is NOT afraid to communicate with others and is quick witted with a bit of Nerdiness

That goes for Performers, Writers and Film-Makers