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Icky Politic,

A comedy series that lampoons global politicians around the world and all their foibles to hilarious effect. This TV show is featuring a much needed focus on politics, a topic for which there is a public demand and plenty of room for hilarious satire.

In this episode we Interview Gisela Hiller, the nephew of Lesbian right wing German Afd party leader Alice Weidel (who is dating a foreigner in real life despite her right wing views.

Here we take an interesting look at her private life...next episode will feature a prominent UK politician.

Next Episode will feature Dianne Abbott's cousine, Lianne Maggot who takes us through her political plans, which are destined to fail due to poor math and incompetence among other things. And further other political wannabe figures such as Sandeep Kwan, Jeremy Cobett , whose primary goal is to emulate Jeremy Corbyn, and toyboy French political wannabe Manuel McCronie and many more from the UK and around the globe will also further serve to satirize the political arena.

The public wants political comedy!

Since politicians regularly take the piss out of the public, it's about time we returned the favour in a satirical way :)




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Writers: Lex "Sugartits" Hefner
Fri 15 March 04:08am
Lex Sugartits Hefner and collaborators with production company backing.