Zipwaz Humphries

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Take a conventional sitcom, fold it into the shape of an origami swan and flick it into the face of your local stripper; That’s 'Zipwaz Humphries'.

A surreal sitcom about a kindly idiot and his atheist extremist housemate.

In a world of cockney eagles, cheese-dealers and etherial swingball, lives Zipwaz Humphries. The series follows Zipwaz's attempts to live a pleasant life - a goal generally obstructed by his housemate's acts of anarchy or by his own stupidity. With parody songs, unconvincing visual effects and, yes, sometimes jokes, this really is a comedy show worth watching, subscribing to, and complimenting aggressively.

Then again, it is a bit weird, so probably not for everyone...

Series 1 is already complete, and Series 2 is currently IN PRODUCTION. Donations would help pay for props and actor's travel expenses, so would be greatly appreciated!


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Sat 26 January 01:14pm
It's Episode 2! Featuring: a JEALOUS EAGLE! A RADIATOR that's just TOO HOT! Some succulent STEAK AND KIDNEY PIES! My GRAN! ONE member of the POSTAL SERVICE! And SOME! OTHER! THINGS!

"That's one jealous eagle." - Gary Barlow
"I luv dis show! Its wicked, sick and rad!" - Dame Judi Dench
"Watch out!" - Clarkson

Mon 26 November 10:39am
Filming on Series 2 is nearly complete! In the meantime, why not have a browse of Series One, starting with the dramatic crime thriller "The Shopkeeper's Loaf".

Sat 24 November 05:20pm
Warning: Parasols are VERY camera-shy so think twice before including them in your films.

Sat 24 November 05:19pm
Filmmaking tip: If your cameraman has a distracting face, force him to wear a disguise throughout the shoot.
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Funding Progress

Goal £500
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Writer/Director - Victor Hampson
Series 2 Cinematographer - Joshua Grayson

Zipwaz Humphries - Victor Hampson
David Michaels - Jack Blaken
Brian the Fireman - Will Kurtze

The crew of Zipwaz Series 2 emerging from the cave they live in

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