Pierre & Jean-Paul

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Pierre & Jean-Paul were born in the wrong country, according to them. Growing up in the suburbs of Toulouse, they dreamed of the White Cliffs of Dover, the village fetes and lawn bowls of rural England, the world renowned English cuisine (pies), and most of all... the Morris dancing. In this new age of identity; they consider themselves to be ‘trans-national’. The logline for the series would be: “In 2016, documentary crew decided to follow two UK-based Europeans to investigate how Brexit may affect their lives”. The show begins on the morning of 23 June 2016 with the referendum result and the series will, amongst other things, be a retrospective look at the uncertainty Brexit brought to the UK, continuing into the current day, all through the eyes of Pierre & Jean-Paul, two French ‘trans-national’ anglophiles. It will follow their daily desire to fully integrate themselves into British culture so that they can continue their passion for Morris dancing and all things British. What can they do to remain? Do they even know what a referendum is? It will also explore their gradual physical transitioning to become fully British while remaining struggling, penniless artists (Morris dancers) among the backdrop of modern London.

This Punkanary series will see them attempting to prevent Brexit from happening.




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Written & performed by Michael Boccalini & Steve Hodgetts

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