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Vloggers is a series of sketches based on the weirdest and worst of Youtube content. From superstar influencers to desperate wannabes - delight as they're forced to keep filming as their lives fall apart. Originally we were attracted to the subject due to the hypocrisy and self-entitlement on show but as we came to make episodes we realised the comic potential that exists in forcing yourself to incessantly film your own life.

So far we have eight episodes and plan to keep adding to that and introduce a couple more characters. Most of the sketches have stand alone story lines so if we ever want to revisit characters we can. We also like using these episodes to develop characters; some we may visit again in different forms.

Our plans are in constant flux but, currently, we plan on adding two more sets of characters and like the idea of having at least a trilogy of sketches for each - so, at least seven more episodes are in the planning stages. But, for the foreseeable future, as long as Youtubers keep doing stupid things we'll be there to copy them!




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Thu 31 January 09:53pm
Here's another pair of people who we've copied verbatim and passed off as a comedy sketch. Enjoy!

Sun 30 December 03:58pm
We don't just imitate vloggers, we also follow their advice. Here is us learning to make sandwiches with Zoella aka Zoe Sugg. Enjoy!

Sun 25 November 05:45pm
We're hard at work planning, writing, trying stuff and paying mortgages/rent. In the mean time here's a look into just how much idiocy goes into us trying to film a relatively short sketch. Enjoy!
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Tom Ratcliffe and Jack Short are the actors, writers, directors and filmmakers.

We met in 2012 and developed a friendship through a combination of loneliness and necessity.

For several years now we have produced a weekly podcast - the Tom & Jack Podcast - to critical and commercial ambivalence.

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