Aussie Girls - 'Tim Tam'

What's it all about

The series follows Kelli and Tammi, two Australian girls living in the U.K. as they go in search of the English dream: binge drinking and promiscuity. They're both as reprehensible as each other and can booze and shag the most abominable man under the table.

But what happens when Kelli finds a lovely young Englishman who prefers clean country living and meaningful intimacy to late night lock ins and 'no strings attached' sex? Will he win Kelli over or will Tammi, her good time Antipodean partner-in-crime lure her back to the dark side...

Most chuffed that 'Tim Tam' won the 2018 Chorts Award. Plans are in place to film more short clips featuring our audacious Aussies with the help of the skilled students of Bath Spa University. Keep your peepers peeled...

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Thu 31 January 05:46pm
Very excited to announce that Aussie Girls will be going to series. Filming in March and unleashing the Antipodean beasts in May. In the meantime, please enjoy another little skit from down under. This one's called 'Wellington Boot'.
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Aussie Girls - 'Tim Tam' was written and performed by Joanna Carolan and Pascale Wilson (AKA character comedians, Shirley & Shirley); directed by Peter Lydon and produced by Simon Allen.
Thu 13 September 01:11pm
Moving forward, we would like to build on the 'Aussie Girl' series and are keen to collaborate with filmakers and editors.