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What's it all about

This is a mockumentary with interviews - think a fusion of Summer Heights High, People Just Do Nothing and a Louis Theroux documentary – which is set around the idea of being home-schooled from the angle where the children are unable to successfully adapt to their new way of schooling. The piece focuses on the Jones family from Aylesbury – a dysfunctional family unit doing their best. Katie takes on the role of everything synonymous with being at school, even though different rules apply at home. She bullies her brother, James, tries to be the top of the class, gets detentions, does a campaign to be Prom Queen (and fails to win), and doesn’t seem to be doing very well at school at all, despite her Mother, Cally’s, best intentions. It is about adapting to a new way of life, without managing to adapt properly. Katie is a challenge to deal with, but her family let her express herself as fully as they can because she had such a problem with bullies when she was at a mainstream school…or was she just playing the system? We follow the Jones family throughout this 6-part series, which explore different themes within the home-schooling environment and follow the family week-by-week throughout the summer term of school. Performed in a similar vein to Summer Heights High and other shows of that ilk, the roles of Katie and James will be played by adults in the roles of teenagers.

This series is Written by Katie Pritchard and Directed by Michael Beddoes. We have so far filmed episode 1, and we are looking to film the remaining 5 episodes to make up Season 1 of 'Home Schooled'. We have a Director, cast, and locations in place, and so now all we need are some shoot dates to get filming.

The funding goal is so that I can afford to pay each of the actors, and the director, for their time. This is how the £700 will be spent (if we manage to reach our goal):
Katie (Actor/Writer): £100
Susan (Actor): £100
Richard (Actor): £100
Michael (Director): £150
Food/Drink/Travel for shoot dates: £150
Props and Costume budget: £100

At the moment, this project is entirely self-funded, and it would be great to be able to make this project financially viable for the performers and director. The more money we make, the more likely we are to be able to finish filming Season 1 and look to film Season 2!

We are aiming high with this series - it would be amazing to eventually make it into a full-length 25/30 minute mockumentary series to be considered for the viewing pleasure of mainstream audiences.





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Funding Progress

Goal £700
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Writer / Creator: Katie Pritchard
Director: Michale Beddoes

Cally Jones - Susan Husband
James Jones - Richard Soames
Katie Jones - Katie Pritchard

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