What's it all about

Everyone has a flaky friend. What if we didn't let them get away with it?

Flake will consist of 8 episodes, each one re-visiting the flaky relationship between the protagonists Anna and her as yet nameless friend. Each episode is set in a location which is easily accessable to us and so finding a location is never a problem. We are also in the process of writing Flake Throwback: 2005 which explores the origins of their relationship when they were in their teens.

In terms of our development plan- we have access to a lot of film equipment and our own team of filmakers. Our plans for future episodes are more ambitious so as the project progresses we will be looking to expand the crew and to raise our budget.




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Thu 10 January 04:51pm
Everyone has that flaky friend. But will they get away with it this time?
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Funding Progress

Goal £500
There are no donations
Writers: Rebecca Rayne & Naomi Miller
Actors: Rebecca Rayne & Naomi Miller
Director: Louie Keen
Tue 18 September 04:08pm
Potentially open to collaboration