Hot Desk

What's it all about

Andrew Neck sits next to a hot desk. He has been there for some time. Every person that sits at the hot desk has a different relationship with Andrew The series is shot from one position with a locked off camera. All the action happens in that box (like Mid Morning Manners or Car Share). The format can feature guest comedians, character comedians, etc. It is well suited for improvisation.

I learned a lot when I made the first couple of episodes. All further episodes of Hot Desk will be much shorter, funnier and tighter.

I'm also treating each episode as stand alone (rather than an ongoing series). A self contained sketch set in the same environment. We shot the original episodes in one take which gave them a nice energy. Not sure if I'd continue with, to be honest...but we'll see

I'd like to pay everyone involved and hire decent kit so that production values look snazzy. Not really sure how much this will cost yet but will update the funding goal when I know this




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All episodes are written by and starring Ben Rufus Green (aka, me). Recent Television credits include, Alan Partridges' Scissored Isle for Sky and Webscam for All4. I am a very experienced improviser.

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