Knock Door. Run!

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'Knock Door. Run!' follows the lives of a group of dysfunctional charity fundraisers as they trawl the streets of Manchester, searching for the ever more elusive donors they require. We use comedy and absurdity to highlight real world strifes faced by people in modern day Britain, both of those doing the job and the people they speak to.

We're currently half way through our 'sketchy,' mini-series which shows the characters in 2-3 minute shorts and have just wrapped shooting our full-length pilot, in part thanks to the support from the people at Punkanary and ComedyCrowd! Exciting times, stay tuned for updates!

Over the last year we've developed a following of 25,000 fans on facebook with our sketch comedy material and
we're currently growing our smaller more dedicated 'Knock Door. Run!' following!




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Sun 10 February 10:45am
Josh paying tribute to the age-old Fundraising tradition of knocking doors in silly coats.

Sun 10 February 10:43am
Everyone busy on set, keeping an eye out for pedestrians and polar bears.

Sun 03 February 06:58pm
Marcus looking his best on the shoot for "Knock Door. Run!".

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Thu 31 January 05:58pm
Finished shooting the pilot for "Knock Door. Run!" the other weak. We were   very lucky to work with such a talented, dedicated cast and crew, and we're buzzing with how it turned out! Keep your eyes peeled for this surreal, dark comedy about door to door fundraisers!!!

Mon 26 November 03:33pm
Episdode 3 of our mini series while we film our 15 minute pilot!

Check out for more information.

Sun 14 October 08:31pm
Here's a cheeky peek at Episode Two of our Mini Series 'Knock Door. Run! A Fundraiser's Diary'
We're looking to make more episodes for your viewing pleasure so keep updated on here, at our facebook page @allsoulsproduction and on our website !!!



Tue 25 September 07:19pm
Hi, a little hello from us on our way to the Chorts festival!
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