Knock Door. Run! - Room for One More

What's it all about

In 'Knock Door. Run!' We use comedy and absurdity to highlight real world strifes
faced by people in modern day Britain. It's a great platform to entertain and
is a concept that can follow the stories of both the unfortunate souls that do the
job and brief snapshots of the lives of the people whose doors they knock on.

We're currently producing a punchy 6 part mini series that features the fundraisers
in funny sketches that show their life fundraising door to door, we've filmed 3 so far
and have 3 to go!

We're also crowdfunding for a 15 minute pilot episode that could stand alone as
its own story

The full series, whilst still set in a hyper-real version of our own world is still
rooted in the issues today. It is set before the mini-series and introduces Sam and
Bev as new-start fundraisers. This is an opportunity to further develop the characters,
employ some more long form humor and really help create a world of the show

We've developed a following of 25,000 fans on facebook with our sketch comedy material and
we want to grow our smaller more dedicated 'Knock Door. Run!' following!




1 Video

Tues 11th May 12:20am
Episdode 3 of our mini series while we film our 15 minute pilot!

Check out for more information.

Funding Progress

Goal £800
  • £15

    Peter Christopherson

  • £5

    Andy Shaw

Abel Graham
Marcus Christopherson
Josh Hart
Sam Hotchin
Jasmine Izli
The funding raised will be used to buy equipment in order to shoot a 15 minute short/ pilot version of 'Knock Door. Run!', be more specific this will be used for equipment costs, location permits, cast and crew expenses and potentially for advertising and distribution. We'll be adding a more detailed cost list soon!

We will also use any new equipment to shoot another mini series 'The Secret Life of Traffic Wardens.'