Un_Conditional - We're Gonna Shout

What's it all about

A self-filmed Documentry following Christian outreach pop/synth band Un_Conditional as they release new music and tour the country's top churches.

We hope to create more songs and make more grandiose music videos for them. We also want to enhance the relationship between Robbie and Dayz, making their characters more distinctive from each other.




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Rob Morgan - Writer/Performer
Tom Cousins - Writer/Performer
Sat 13 October 08:09pm
Always looking for actors who want to play supporting roles, it's hard to convince mates who have no desire to do comedy what so ever.
Daniel Holt

Daniel Holt

I have a desire to do comedy! I've done about 150 stand up gigs and acting for small projects. Loved this video! I live in london and will happily devote evenings and weekends. Email me at d.m.holt93@gmail.com or whatsapp me on 07960001811